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FAQ ( Top Questions ) -   What causes color drift and color out of spec?

The accuracy limitations of CMYK printing are that the results can vary, sometimes greatly, depending on the range, how it is calibrated, and the particular color you are trying to print. Even the results from different digital printers or presses can vary, so color accuracy may be an issue, particularly if you're printing items at different times or with different printers. There are also colors that cannot be reproduced using the CMYK process - such as metallic and very bright colors. 
It is VERY IMPORTANT that you don't use spot colors in your document. Inevitably, the colors shift when processed in CMYK, and this could be a cause of the color out of spec you're experiencing. A good idea for designers might be to go into the Pantone Process Book and pick a process color that's as close to the spot color as possible, when choosing to use a four-color printer. Select a color that can be printed in CMYK. Use the process color instead; the color is much more likely to print.

At Boostprint we take pride in matching colours to our clients CMYK proofs. however the following terms and conditions apply.
1. Print colour may vary from print run to print run and/or from job to job or from front to back.
2. Boostprint will reproduce colour from digital files as closely as
possible, but may not exactly match colour and density due to limitations in the proofing and
printing process, as well as neighbouring image ink requirements.
3. A reasonable variation in colour between original materials, proofs and the completed order,
will be considered acceptable print quality.
4. It is important to note the technical limitations of screen, digital and offset printing processes.
5. Where CMYK designs are used, a higher degree of colour variation is normal. While every effort
is made to reproduce the colours on chemical and professional digital proofs Boostprint Pty Ltd
shall not be liable to reprint or otherwise compensate the client for a commercially acceptable
variation in colour when comparing the proof to the final product, the disc to paper parts, or
throughout a printed batch of products.
6. Acceptable variations may be up to 10% of selected  CMYK colour values, Colour Matching and Proofing Process.